The Boyfriend League by Rachel Hawthorne

Amazon Synopsis: The Ragland Rattlers 
$1 Night
$1 baseball cap with home team logo
$1 program
$1 hot dogs
$1 drinks
$1 popcorn

But how much to get the hot pitcher to notice you exist?

Summer has begun when my read pile becomes filled with contemprorary/romance books.  This is the first one of the season since my exams start soon and I am on revision set up, meaning 1 hour revision and a half hour reading break all day until next week when History and English Language will be over after I sit the exams. This was a cheap impulse buy on Amazon and the book is truly tiny. I am so glad I read it though. With my schedule I devoured this within 24 hours. 

It follows Dani, a girl who is love with everything baseball, as she tries to find a summer romance in the new baseball team about to play in her town. In an attempts to get on the inside she convinces her parents to let one of the players stay with them so she can be introduced to the team. Jason was never meant to be so attractive though and soon there is a lot of confusion and mishaps in Dani's life. 

The premise of this book is so fluffy it was hard to resist starting my summer reading with this. It is fluffy and also really predictable. Usually a book that has an obvious outcome bugs a lot of readers and I but this one just didn't. The book is told from Dani's point of view and I just fell in love with her. She didn't try and be something she wasn't and even felt uncomfortable when she does try and be glamorous. Her character also gave a really normal point of view. She was honest about wanting a boyfriend for the summer (like so many teenagers do) and wasn't jealous or mean when things did not go her way. I just found Dani to be awesome.

The love story itself was really cute. It was also gradual. I rooted for them all the way to the finish line. There was no over forced romance and they were really domestic but sweet in their interactions. There are also some sub love stories with Dani's best friend Bird (her partner in crime) who is a really sweet character. The love story was not overwhelmed by mass amounts of baseball references either, which was a relief because in the UK we don't have baseball... we have rounders and that's not even really a sport outside of compulsary PE lessons in high school.

This book made me laugh and feel really light. It is not a masterpiece of literature but it is perfect for a light read with a sweet romance and some cool characters. Read this at the perfect time I think to enjoy it. Definitely recommend for someone who wants a short heart warmer for the start of summer.

Rating 4.5/5


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