Just to let you know what I do with my reviews and what to do if you want me to review a book:
  • Both physical books and ebook's are fine for me to read. Preferably the book should be paperback if it is a solid copy as the hardcovers are more expensive. 
  • If you send a request I ask that you email me the cover, synopsis and link to buy. I will try and reply as soon as I can about whether I will read that book or watch that movie/series.
  • I do read self-published books. If you are wanting a review or some type of press as an author, let me know.
  • If you are an author sending me an ebook, I ask that it be sent through kindle if possible. PDF is fine but it will take me stupid amounts of time to read as they do not have the best quality when put on my kindle.
  • If you recommend or request a review, I cannot guarantee it will happen quickly. I am a student and reading time is limited. I, therefore, prioritize some books/movies/series over others. 
  • In a review I add a synopsis from Amazon, the cover of the version I was reading and a rating out of 5. If you get higher than a 3 it means I recommend it.
  • Genre wise I will try anything. If I like the sound of the synopsis or the cover I will give it a go. 
  • In my reviews I will be honest about my likes, dislikes and my overall rating. I cannot guarantee that the book will get a positive review.
Contact info: anamateur225@gmail.com


Denise Flora said...

Will a book-pub or pdf be ok? If so, I will send one on to you. Reply to www.deniseflora.com
Review for "Rowan"

Katie said...

PDF is fine :) May take me a little longer to read since I won't be taking it on the go with me. If you email me a copy I will get started soon.

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