Review: Whitechapel Series 4 Episode 3 {spoilers}

This weeks episode was penned by the shows own Steve Pemberton, who portrays historian Edward Buchan. This is not his first time writing for television with his credits including Benidorm, League of Gentlemen and Psychoville - all critically acclaimed. This weeks episode was probably its most gruesome yet...

The episode opens with a girl cutting through a cemetary after a night on the town, classic potential victim. Unexpectedly though, her attacker becomes the attacked as the girl gets away. The next time we see the victim is when an unsuspecting cleaning lady finds his face on a makeshift podium in an art gallery hosting the work of Sebastian Marlowe, a sculpturor who uses the human anatomy for his art work.

After finding out that Marlowe is a mystery within himself, that he has an introverted assistant with a birthmark covering half her face and that the victim went to Russian prison for a while there is another murder. This one is much worse though. The gruesome scene shows parts of a dead body that has basically been microwaved by an electric blanket.

Alongside all of this there are continuations of the 'haunting' factors in the station. Mansell keeps getting mysterious phone calls and Kent seems to be slipping into a darker state of mind, shown when his face merges with a skulls.

There are moments that keep repeating themselves such as Chandler at the sink with the tap and Miles listening to the footsteps. I do think these are needed though, especially since this weeks seems to be the most menacing with chandler nearly ripping his face off, but they could be shortened.

This week's may not have had the tension and fear of the last two episodes but it didn't need it. Instead it used graphic scenes of the antagonist measuring out the area that they were going to skin on the final victim of this episode to become sadistic and really show how it is escalating.

With the revelation that Sebastian Marlowe is actually his assistant Abigail Perkins, another killing and being shown that the attacker seems to wear a mask of (real?) flesh, next weeks episode will provide a grisly finale to this tale before we move onto the final case of the series.


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