First Impressions: Angelfall by Susan EE

So I sat down today with the intention of reading 1 or 2 chapters in my free period...10 chapters later and I was forced to put it down to go back to lessons.

Angelfall follows Penryn about 6 weeks after the Apocalypse. Usually I do not like angel books, I don't know what it is. I am the same with dystopian. It takes a really special book to make me like these types of books.

Turns out that this book could be the one. Each chapter is quite short but already so much has happened. In the first few chapters I was a bit confused. Not a lot of setup is given before the book dives into the action, but soon enough it is clear. It is gritty, dark and has some humorous moments as well.

So far Penryn's sister has been kidnapped (not a spoiler cause it says it on the back of the book) and she has met a bunch of angels. I will go into further details about them when I do my full review because it takes a lot of explaining to convey what is happening to me whilst they are there.

I love the main protagonist as well. She is not a majorly overdone bad ass and there are genuine reasons for the stuff she can do which is something authors usually don't add it... kind of needed.

To anyone who has been hesitant about this book, go read it. I love it so far and do not think it will take me long to finish.

Rating so far: 4/5


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