Either Side of Midnight by Tori de Clare

When nineteen-year-old Naomi Stone is snatched from her husband at knife point on the night of their wedding and taken to a deserted cemetery, she knows her life is finished. Drugged and disorientated, she loses consciousness as she lies in an open grave with a gun to her head. But the following day, she mysteriously awakes to find herself unharmed and secured to a bed. She's in a beautiful bedroom in a secluded cottage in open countryside. Only one person knows she’s there – the man in the balaclava who’s holding her, feeding her, revealing nothing. Naomi senses the unfolding of a plan. She should be on honeymoon in the Caribbean. Instead, she’s trapped with an emotionless psycho with no hope of escape . . . And his voice is chillingly familiar.
Who is he? What does he want? What's happened to her husband? Where is she? Will anyone find her before it's too late? 

What do you do when someone you know has written a book? Read it, of course and fall in love with it so much that you demand they write a sequel immediately every time you see them (*Update: Sequel is being written currently for release in mid 2015). If you like suspense novels then this will probably be for you. Plus it goes free quite often so you haven't got much to lose by checking it out.

The book revolves around innocent as Mother Teresa Naomi Hamilton on her wedding day to  Nathan Stone, man of every girl (and probably most guys) dreams. Seriously he is is gorgeous and smart with the charm of Prince Charming's more charming cousin. This is all before she gets kidnapped by a guy in a ski mask though thus making her wedding day the most tragic thing ever.  

The beginning is the weakest part of the book. It can drag and is quite slow since it switches time lines. We are transported back to the year before when Naomi heads off to university in Manchester to train as a pianist. It is these chapters that are quite domestic and can be tiring to read since you never know how important they are. This book is the kind of novel that reveals things slowly but when they are revealed you find yourself gripping onto the kindle/ipad/nook (not available in paperback) with Thor's might. By two thirds into the book you are going to be glued to the screen.

The characters are really great. I really related to Naomi (you know, without finding a hot hunka man meat in her first year of university) since we are in similar shoes. In fact anyone going through a change in their life will probably relate to her tale. She is so sweet and innocent it is kind of hard to not like her. I can't really go into much more detail about the other characters since it could lead to spoilers but shout out to Siobhan (readers of the book will know what I am talking about). There are characters you love, then hate, and then love again because they are so interesting and human. I loved how flawed they were.

This book is just great if you want a book that makes you question everything you thought you knew about life. Just when you think that you've figured it out... BOOM, you're wrong. .

Bring on book two. I physically cannot wait and want it like now.


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