New Shoes!

It has probably become apparent that whenever I get paid I spend it on Amazon. Fashion is not something I consider a skill of mine. Everything I do buy is usually half price. Not because I wait but because I am so lazy when shopping that I only look at the sale rails...

Going shopping in the city I live in is my worst nightmare. I get bored after around 5 minutes of physically going shopping and usually only get something if I need it. Normally after lunch whoever I am with need to hurry up because they are cutting into nap time.

Today I broke that mould. Today was the day that I went to my first open day of many in order to determine if I will work in my current part time job for the rest of my life (it is looking like a possibility). My mother, me and a friend arrived nice and early at said university where we proceeded to go to a lecture about the course and then a tour. We left the tour to go to the next lecture when hunger overcame me and we abandoned all plans to have a structured day in favour of randomly joining queues and walking into buildings. This meant we were finished about 3 hours after we got there.

What do you do when you are in a city with nothing to do. Visit the giant Primark across the road of course!

Whilst I was there my mother decided she would only lend me money from now on (damn you Laura for putting such filth in her mind!). Since I am also currently broke until Monday I kind of needed it. Primark had put out all the new stock for the autumn season and I couldn't resist. That is why I am doing something I never do and am showing you the shoes I got whilst I was there...

Pair 1- Cowboy style wedges: £18

Pair 2- Green tie-up flats: £8

There may be more clothing updates as I am needing new clothes and get paid soon!


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