Review: The Wrong Mans Episode 1 {Spoilers}

The pilot episode of BBC's new sitcom "The Wrong Mans", named after the Alfred Hitchcock's movie, aired yesterday on BBC2. It is a "comedy thriller about two well-meaning idiots who become entangled in a hideous world of crime, conspiracy and corruption" according to BBC. The series stars Matthew Baynton (Horrible Histories, Spy) and James Cordon (Gavin and Stacey) as the main protagonists. 

Within the first 2 seconds of it starting I noticed the epic cinematography. It is gorgeous and reminds me of dark spy series like Falcon.

Baynton's character, Sam, wakes up and gets ready whilst he has flashbacks of the party the night before, where he chugged a bottle of wine, danced on his own and rang what I am thinking is an ex before crying down the phone because he is "running out of v-necks". Within the first few minutes I was laughing. Baynton is as masterful at comedy as Cordon is and at this point I could not wait to see them as a duo.

Things seem to get worse for Sam, whose bike has been taken apart, when he has to walk in the snow. On his way though, a car crashes right before him. After fainting, getting the third degree from an abnormally wide eyed police officer and being left to walk to work, Sam finds a phone. When he answers he is told "If you’re not here by five o’clock, we will kill your wife." In this scene it is clear that the series is going be as serious as it is  funny.

Later we meet James Cordon's character Phil who seems to be the office idiot, Sam himself not really liking him too much. Events seem to be escalating as Sam continues to get phone calls and messages about this injured mans wife.Phil then becomes involved and seems to think that he is some kind of protagonist in a film and that the bad guys "will shit themselves if they hear [Phil's] involved".

This series has a noir atmosphere about it as well as an amazing comedy cast. With references to hit films throughout, this is a hilarious and refreshing comedy which I highly recommend.

Watch on BBC iplayer:

Rating: 4.5/5


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