New Year, New Blog

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So last year was a whirlwind. Leaving home, saving money, traveling and basically everything else that could possibly be used as an excuse happened. Unfortunately that meant that the blog I worked hard to get up and running was left in the dust. No matter how hard I tried I just couldn't get my thoughts onto the web page and the more I struggled the more I wanted to do it. 

In the end there was just a cycle of failure.

I read 50 books last year. Watched countless films and television shows. Had so much I wanted to share with you all. Yet only a tiny fraction of what I experienced was reviewed for you guys, the people that actually visited this tiny part of the Internet. For that I apologise profusely. 

I am back though. Back with a vengeance.

This year is going to be the year of productivity for me. I have so many great things planned and new ideas that I want to share on this blog. 

This new years attitude has already shown itself in the new layout this blog now features and the new rating system you can see on reviews. 

There were some hiccups already with my laptop breaking and therefore some of the work I was still doing being lost but we are back up and running now. 

The new schedule will feature a new post every Tuesday at 9 am PST (technology permitting). This could be a review of a book, movie or television show as already shown on this blog but I also want to add more into the posts. I will be starting recommendations every once in a while and will also be including reviews of anime as well. 

This will hopefully be an exciting year for this site and I hope you guys enjoy the new material I am about to put out there.

To conclude, I am sorry. I promise to do better. See you guys Tuesday.


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