The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt {2015-}

Two of the greatest content creators of the modern day - Netflix and Tina Fey- have teamed up to create the new original comedy series The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, which was recently released in all its glory to the general public.

The series follows 29 year old Kimmy Schmidt who has missed out on the joys of modern life after being abducted in middle school and made to live in a bunker for 15 years by a crazy pastor who tells her and the four other girls that the world has been destroyed by the apocalypse. After being saved though Kimmy refuses to go back to her little town in Indiana and wants to start a life in New York City where no one knows her.

The idea of a fresh start is a universal one and as per usual the main protagonist of this show is incredibly (an in some cases unbelievably) lucky. Her situation is quickly resolved though she faces some hurdles along the way. Kimmy explores the difficulties of  love, finance, and employment in this show though the main theme tends to centre on Kimmy's self belief. The themes of the show leave the audience happy and elated in a way only this type of sitcom can.

This series follows the same format of Fey's 30 Rock, which ended in 2013 after seven seasons. The humour is full of one liners that the audience will be quoting for the next lifetime - cue hundreds of people singing 'Pinot Noir'- even if they do not know where it is from. Jane Krakowski basically plays the same character she did in 30 Rock if Jenna had been married with a kid though meaning some elements of the show are just like a spin off rather than an original concept.

There are times when the humour wanders into uncomfortable territory, most notably the heritage of Jacqueline. This can have you cringing inwardly and questioning the line it is dancing on. Despite this, the show makes some really interesting points about society in a way that you both contemplate and have a giggle.

I really cannot wait for the next season to premiere so I can binge it again. This was two evenings I do not regret wasting on Netflix.


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