Vampire Prosecutor {2011}

So the K drama addiction and celebration of  summers glorious, cloudy arrival has continued with the binge watching of both series of Vampire Prosecutor. Now I am lost waiting for the third season to be made because life is nothing without Min Tae Yeon. 

This show follows aforementioned Min Tae Yeon, a prosecutor in South Korea's capital city Seoul. The only difference is that nearly a decade before Tae Yeon was changed into a vampire and he is not certain how or why. With his vampire abilities, Tae Yeon works to solve murders. Though only one team member knows of his supernatural status Tae Yeon continues to seek out the creature that turned him into a vampire.

The overall premise of the show is one that interested me from the start, In truth it sounded like a show that would be a bit cheesy and fun but when the pilot finished it was clear this was not the case. Because it was not what I was expecting it did take me a couple episodes to get into but I am finding that is the case with most K dramas. Vampire Prosecutor (2011) eventually proved that it was dark and gritty with a potentially Gothic story the held bags of potential.It just needed to grow into itself a little bit.

The show proved to be confusing in some parts though. Tae Yeon's vampire abilities were an interesting aspect of the show but it took me beyond the first episode to figure out what they actually were and what they were capable of. Some of the cases were also a bit confusing. This may have just been me though since I just got lost a little bit throughout a couple. The overall arc of how Tae Yeon became a vampire was also a bit hazy and by the end I kind of just gave up on trying to decipher it. 
Despite this the cases and overall plot was still enjoyable.

By half way through the series I got over my shock and my mum had to push me off the sofa to stop me binge watching this.

Character wise this show hit the nail right on the head. We had two comic relief characters but as soon as the scene became serious the actors were versatile enough to switch instantly into the appropriate style. There was also a bad ass female lead that basically owned every man in the office as well as standing up for herself in every situation. At first she was a little annoying but I grew to love her after episode 3.

Though sometimes the plot was confusing and the narrative had its flaws this show had masses of potential and was really great. The characters were so original and dynamic it was impossible not to like them (even if a few needed warming up to). The perfect binge show with a fantastic (and kinda superior) second season. I think this show is exactly what the doctor ordered.

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