Vampire Prosecutor 2 {2012}

Sequel to the acclaimed Vampire Prosecutor (2011), the second installment continues to follow criminal prosecutor Min Tae Yeon and his team as they solve crimes in Seoul. Still reeling from the events of the first seasons finale, Tae Yeon must begin working under a new head whilst fighting against his new supernatural enemy. 

The second season picks up where the last left off. About a year has passed for the characters but the flow from one series to the next means that it is perfect to binge watch right after the first season. The characters are still haunted by what happened in the last season and it has noticeably taken its toll on them.

All the favourite characters of season one are back. The chemistry between the four main characters is still as electrifying as before (if not more so). There is a new team member though - new coroner Dr. Jo-  which has to be one of my favourite characters. There is a real growth in the characters but they still hold the same charms that made them so loveable in season one. There was also the introduction of some new fantastic characters as well, including psychic Runa and sassy Gabriel. Overall the characters seemed more three dimensional in this season and ultimately I fell in love with them more.

There is a slight romance in the new season but it is not overtly shoved in the audiences face. It is the kind of romance that gives you a little glow inside. Definitely OTP material. Despite this new feature it does not detract from the overall story arc nor does it take the show away from its dark, gritty ambiance. If anything it leads to a more intense viewing experience towards the latter half of the season.

The plotlines of season two were also a lot easier to follow. They were not restricted to contemporary cases and Prosecutor Min is willing to help his team despite the risk to his career. The introduction of a new, sadistic villain (I will not reveal their identity as it is a spoiler), one that is openly opposing Tae Yeon created a fantastic dynamic. The cases used were also plots that you had to think about and therefore become more engrossed in. The writers masterfully weaved the long running plot lines into these new individual stories, which acted to make you think about morality and what you would do in those situations. The season finale once again creates such a fantastic, fast paced, intense viewing experience that emotions start flying.

I watched the finale with my mum in the room and had to fight back the violent sobs and cries at the television screen. I was apathetic on the outside but on the inside kind of resembled this: 

Vampire Prosecutor 2 is an evolved, refined version of its predecessor. It is darker, provokes more emotion, increases the stakes, and proves to be more addicting (if possible) than the first season. 

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