Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy by Ally Carter

Amazon Synopsis: There I was: Cammie the Chameleon--the Gallagher Girl who had risked the most sacred sisterhood in the history of espionage. For a boy. But I was through with lying. And sneaking around. I was going to be...myself.

Despite Cammie's best intentions to be a normal student, danger seems to follow her. Cammie and her friends must clear her name by discovering the truth about some mysterious guests...but this time the stakes for Cammie's heart - and her beloved school - are even higher.

This book is the second instalment of Carter's 'Gallagher Girls' series. The first book did not wow me (read the review here) so I was hesitant to read the next one despite it being significantly shorter. Low and behold the TBR Jar of Destiny had other ideas and after finishing Maggie Elizabeth Harrington I figured it was as good a time as any to get it out of the way. 

The sequel takes place in the new semester after the last books turbulent end. Josh is in the past for good after Cammie is interrogated by the CIA and she is now back at the Academy to finish her year with some good grades. This all goes tails up though when it is revealed that 15 boys from a spy school that the spy schools don't even know about are coming to stay at the Academy.  Lipstick and mascara at the ready, most of the girls welcome it with open arms but Cammie doesn't seem to be in the mood for that. After all she is heartbroken. 

The one person who either doesn't care or finds it funny is Zach. Mysterious, handsome and teasing he had my bones buzzing. From their first meeting, Zach is not intimidated by Cammie's reputation and enjoys teasing her about everything including her relationship with Josh, or "Jimmy" as he keeps calling him. Their interactions were hilarious and the cryptic lifestyle he leads just drew me to him as a character and had me turning the pages uncontrollably. Of course the girls do not fully understand the male species so there is some hilarity in Cammie's constant suspicion, annoyance and fondness as he offered her chocolate one time. This means that once again her friends are included, or more accurately throw themselves, in her relationship with him as it grows. We still do not know much about him but beneath that sarcastic exterior lies more sarcasm and maybe something else that might lead to a love story I am happy to read about. Already it had me smiling to myself like a crazy person as I read it. 

In this book though as Cammie attempts to get over her failed first relationship everything seems to get in the way and this is really conveyed well within the narrative. Her inner monologue no longer depends on setting up this school and world of spies and can focus on her being a teenager. It has so much humour in it that you cannot help but feel warmer and happier having read it. There is some story sub plots being set up though for the next books to do with Cammie's family and the past which has only intrigued me more.

After the first one I thought "meh, I'll read them. Maybe it will get better" and it did ladies, gentlemen and any extras, it really did. I cannot wait for the next book but I am on a book ban until Christmas to avoid getting two of the same book on the day but if I do not get the rest of this series for Christmas it will be the first one I buy in the new year. For £3.85 a book can you really blame me?

Rating: 4/5


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