Time Spell by T.A. Foster

Amazon Synopsis: Ivy Grace is learning that magic—and love—are all about the right timing.
Follow the adventures of this spirited young Southern woman as she embarks upon a successful new career writing novels and movies that explore romantic mysteries of the past.
Ivy, a witch who spends her days practising her brand of good magic in a sleepy little city, often travels back in time to observe events of yesteryear and turn them into compelling stories for her modern-day fans. But as her uncanny ability to weave enthralling historic tales lands her in the limelight, she quickly finds that fame sometimes comes with a price.
Evil forces now know who she is and threaten to reveal her family’s most sacred magical secrets.
With the help of her ruggedly handsome editor and a sexy supernatural ex-boyfriend, Ivy must unravel history while fighting to keep these ominous forces at bay.
Will Ivy be able to make the ultimate sacrifice for the people she loves the most? 
** DISCLAIMER: This book was sent for review by the author but that will not influence my rating or opinion**

This book. THIS BOOK... was lovely. Slowly over the last few weeks I have been descending into the black hole that is a 'reading slump' but this book brought me back into the light. I loved it so much that I actually want to get it in paperback, I was sent it in my kindles format, so that I can have it on my shelf along with the rest of the series (when they come out. Please be soon!)  but I will have to wait a while since it is the most ridiculously expensive paperback to have ever to have existed - £8.99 for 171 pages whaaa?..

This book follows witch Ivy who is living the dream after her book is about to become a hit film. Things go south though when her hunky editor demand she reveal her secret after they receive a letter that threatens their families. Turns out that Ivy's Time Spell has gotten her in some trouble and now she has to get it all sorted out.

As a protagonist Ivy is strong, sassy and, therefore, refreshing. The narrative follows her in 1st person and she has one of the funniest mental monologues for a female character. She doesn't take herself too seriously, even going so far as mentally high fiving herself when she gets some male attention. Foster has managed to balance her sensibility in tough situations with her playful outlook on life in a way that creates a convincing and great character. 

Romance plays a large part in this book with an amazing love triangle. I say it is amazing purely because I cannot decide who to pick! On the one hand we have ruggedly handsome editor Jack who is emotionally distant and shows no interest in Ivy in a romantic way. He is sweet and, though we only know a little about him, he seems to be willing to sacrifice anything for those he loves. On the other hand we have Finn, the ex. He is charming and witty with a killer smile that screams danger. He is also a witch so it seems logical that Ivy belongs with him. The thing is that apparently things ended badly between them but we don't know at this point why it ended so bad. This has put me in a really harsh place when it comes to picking a side. In other novels you would get one guy with a personality like one of these and I would pick them. Even of they weren't the 'official' choice, I would pick them. Being given my two favourite types of men in one book has emotionally torn me in two. At the minute I am swaying towards Finn because of his chemistry with Ivy. 

Though at first the tone of this book resembles the classic Bewitched television series with its light hearted themes, as the plot thickens there are darker and more adult themes. This was also a really good thing as it stops the narrative from becoming too annoying and from focusing on one thing. 

This book was a breath of fresh air and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a quick and intriguing read. There are some erotic scenes though, even though they are not really detailed so don't expect it to be a witchy 50 Shades of Grey.

Rating: 4.5/5


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