Lie to Me {2011}

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This 2011 K drama follows a woman, Ah-Jung, who unwittingly becomes fake married to a millionaire, Ki-Joon, after trying to stick it to her thieving, condescending childhood friend. Through some odd circumstances the millionaire decides to go along with it for his own reasons, and soon they are having to pretend to love each other when they really hate each other. 

Pretend relationships have to be my favourite trope. Seriously. If you know any films, books, or TV where there is a pretend relationship let me know in the comment section. I love it! Thus this show was like my haven from the moment I read the tiny description on DramaFever.

From the moment I hit play it was a favourite of mine and I marathoned most of the show. Ah-Jung is a clumsy, unsure, hilarious girl with terrible luck, which made her so relatable. Despite her bad luck she had a career she loved and was good at and was a great character, one of my favourites for kdrama so far. Once she came to meet the stoic, picky Ki-Joon though it was a screwball match made in hate-love heaven.The chemistry between these two actors was great and really made the show immersive.

The plot progressed nicely and the more the two main characters seemed to dig themselves into a hole the more invested I became. The sideline stories were also incredibly fun to follow. Everything seemed to progress in a way that seemed realistic and proved to be funny yet charming. There was also a mystery element of what had happened a few years prior, which stopped the show from becoming repetitive too quickly.

After episode 10 however I found myself getting tired of the show. The aloof male lead that provided a Mr Darcy archetype became clingy and dramatic. He began demanding things of the main female lead without regard for her feelings. In my opinion he was pressuring her through manipulation to get what he wanted without caring how obviously uncomfortable she was with the situation. If the last six episodes were cut I could be happy with an open end. It seemed they simply stretched it for the sake of having a 'rounded off' ending (trying not to give spoilers but if you see the show you may understand).

The secondary main characters did not seem to have their story lines finished either. I just assume they went on miserable for the rest of their lives.

Let's not even get started on how much this turned into a love triangle mania.

I really enjoyed the first approx 10 episodes but towards the end it teetered in a way that was messy and obviously dragged out. The story had been told and there was nothing left to say. The last episodes were uncomfortable to get through because of character changes so my rating really went down during this. Originally it was 5* but now I had to subtract some.


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