Saving Juliet by Suzanne Selfors

Goodreads Synopsis: Manhattan meets Verona in this time-bending twist on Shakespeare.

When Mimi is magically thrust into the middle of Shakespeare’s Verona, she must find a way to help Juliet fight for her future happiness. Will she be able to give this classic tragedy a happy ending?

Well this was fun. 

I originally ordered this on Amazon because it was put on sale and cost me about £1.50. Win. Reciveved it the next day and read it pretty much instantly. 

This is a relatively small book that follow poor, unfortunate Mimi who is being forced to be an actress despite the fact that she can barely get one word out the moment she wanders onto the stage. Then - as sod's law dictates- Mimi is transported to Shakespeare's Verona with her obnoxious co star. Turns out it is not as magical as one originally thinks. Quite a bit more plague than in the play. 

Let's start with characters. Mimi is great, in fact she is the epitome of a teenager who is having her dreams diverted by her family - it is just this time her mother wants her to give up dreams of being a doctor to be an actor. She also handles the whole accidental time-travel to another dimension pretty well. Girl got a brain. Team her with the heartthrob Troy, who does not handle the situation very well, and you have some comedy gold and chemistry to die for. 

I did not like what the author did to Benvolio. He was a sweetie in the play.

The plot itself was a really interesting one. It is not the first time I have seen anything like this - more specifically where someone travels into a story, I mean American Yankee in King Arthur's Court, Lost in Austen, Atlantis etc- but I feel this one just had a charm to it that made it work. You really felt for poor Mimi who just hated the whole situation. There were a couple twist along the way as well as the author changed, and expanded on the classic play as we followed these characters. Mimi just could not get the play to go right.

Thoroughly enjoyed this book. Did not expect to like it as much as I did. It was just a fast paced, fun journey, which gave a new spin to Shakespeare's tragedy.


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