Paper Towns {2015}

The latest adaptation from the ever growing, popular author John Green recently came out in cinemas across the globe, and in the book lover fashion I had to see it. 

I did not manage to read the book before I headed off to the cinema, but I am not the most dedicated of John Green fans. I think he is a skilled writer, and wonderfully bright human being, but I think he is just not for me. He was very involved with the film though I understand so it did not bother me too much. 

This tale follows Quentin 'Q' Jacobson and his obsession with Margot Roth Spiegelman (a popular proven tongue twister throughout the film). Margot is a girl who embodies the 'like no other' archetype and Quentin is the boy who embodies the general admiration for such a person, despite how unhealthy it is. When Margot goes missing, Quentin takes it upon himself to follow the clues he believes Margot left for him to find her. With this he and his best friends go on an adventure that defines their senior year. 

The premise itself seemed very interesting for this film. Ultimately, what needed to be focused on in order to be what they were trying to make was overlooked. Quentin never learned anything or grew as a character and the plot did not provide the mystery that many seemed to be craved. I really enjoyed the road trip moments of the film, but it really was very short. From the trailer I thought it would be about two thirds of the film. Not the case. It was very repetitive in setting and theme. The clues were not the most original.

I did not love either of the main characters to be quite honest. Margot was a free spirit who could not apparently handle any situation she had no control over- she screamed commitment issues-, and Quentin was a creepy boy who displayed a scary fixation with someone who had never encouraged it. What made this film was the secondary characters. Angela and Radar were the love story I wanted to watch. 

Ben was weird and annoying, but he grew on you. Kind of like a veruca.

Where Quentin was obsessing over clues that we were told at the beginning of the film were just signs of her safety, his friends were living their lives and preparing to say goodbye. Quentin had more loyalty to a girl who paid attention to him for one night rather than his friends of years.

There was too much focus on Quentin's unhealthy obsession with a girl who really did nothing to warrent being put on such a pedistal. I would have preferred a book that focused on friends rather than one boys need to validate his privileged life and blame his boredom on not having the attention of one independent female. 

Everytime  Quentin gave his little delusional voice over, I just kind of:

If the comments I overheard when coming out then it was not just me who was disappointed in what I saw. This was not a bad film, nor was it a particularly memorable one. I will probably never bother to sit through it again.


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