T5W | Fictional Cities

Turns out a lot of what I read is located in the real world or are some Dystopian hell hole I would hate to live in. Time to play fictional Location, Location, Location.

1. Faerie, Just Beyond Wall {Stardust by Neil Gaiman}
Though there are evil witches and other dark, grim sounding creatures, it also sounds like a bustling city full of magical wonders. Plus the scenery in the film was amazing, I mean look at it.

2. Awkward {The Story of Awkward by R..K. Ryals}

City of wonders created from one girls mind. Though the premise of the book involves this world being in danger, pre-evil it sounds pretty cool. It is all happiness, acceptance, and rainbows.

p.s. get the book for free here

3. Dorne {Game of Thrones by George RR Martin}

 Sun, sand, no Joffrey. Sounds like the best place for me.

4. Illyria {The Fool's Girl by Celia Rees, and Twelfth Night (or What You Will) by William Shakespeare}
Classic Shakespeare reloctation. Despite all the drama that goes down with Cesario etc it seems like an otherwise great place to live, I mean when people are not dressing as their supposed dead brother and making the lord of a neighboring town question his sexuality.

5. Hogsmeade {Harry Potter series by JK Rowling} 

Where there can be a Hogsmeade, there can be a Hogwarts. With my new found love of Harry Potter this could not be left out of the choices. By Hogsmeade I tend to include everywhere though; Hogwarts, Diagon Alley, Ministry of Magic etc.

Until next week.

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