Gravity Falls {2013-}

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You know when you suddenly crave a certain type of show and it just delivers. Yeah, that was now. 

So a friend and I began watching this when they came to hang out one day and we got about seven episodes in. I loved it then but because we did not finish and then went to university I put of finishing it. Then I got a craving for cartoons and had already finished all of Bob's Burgers and Archer. Marathoned it all.

This show follows twins, Dipper and Mabel, who are sent to stay with their Gruncle (great-uncle) Stan for the summer. Once they get there though Dipper finds a mysterious book full of magical creatures of folk lore. After he finds the secret journal, he starts to notice and encounter monsters and creatures of nightmares and dreams. We end up following Dipper, Mable, Gruncle Stan, Soos, and Wendy on adventures that involve goblins, ghosts, sabotage, and government conspiracy. 

The characters are all amazing. Each character has a different way of being endearing, hilarious, and utterly enjoyable. They each have a different type of humour to them, but in such a way that it bounces well off the other characters. None of them become annoying or grind on gears to watch. The voice actors used are seasoned voice actors so they portray the characters well, without not knowing how to make it sound natural. The creator of the show actually voices a few of the primary characters.

There is also a lot of character development over the two seasons as well. As the plots develop the characters learn from their mistakes and go back to past episodes to help themselves. They do not just do something and that event is never spoken of again. It is very intricately linked together.

The plot is like no other. Though the episodes are stand alone they also interlink once the over all story arc comes into play. There is such a mixture of events and storylines that it is hard to even imagine how much thought went into making them work like they do. I do not want to say too much about the plot lines though because spoilers, but it is great.

To me this is one of the greatest animated television shows ever created. It really is for all ages and does not treat its audience like simple people, yet everything is understandable to everyone. The characters are all so different and lively, whilst giving some amazing messages to kids who may be easily malleable. 

It is not hard to find this series online to watch in its entirety, nor to find repeats on Disney XD. I cannot give specific links because of reasons. If you do nothing else this year, watch this show!


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