T5W | Favorite Things About Blogging

1. Getting Recommendations/ Learning about new books.
I do not think any less than two thirds of my TBR is from the book communities recommendation. As I do not go to large chain book stores a lot (got to be economic) I often miss the media promotion for new books so it is always good to have a form of information about new releases and good novels.

2. Trying out new formats
I really love trying to think of new things to feature on the site. I have a few things in the works at the minute, which I am pretty excited about. It seems like Youtube is a better received platform though so perhaps a transition onto that is in the works. I have not decided yet. It depends what people want to see.

3. Improving my writing skills.
Blogging is surprisingly good to practice my punctuation and use new vocabulary.

4. Getting to connect with the authors whose books I love
Once you get started in the book community it is not just readers that want to share work and opinions, it is also writers. I have had a few chances to chat to an author. It is good to pick their brain a little at the same time.

5. Being able to vent to kindred spirits
There is no better feeling than finishing a book/film/TV show and being able to instantly go on Tumblr and start venting to people who had been in the same boat as you. Whether it be how precious a character is, how ridiculous a plot point, or how amazing a ship, it is not hard to find someone who will happily have a good old discussion with you.

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