Secret Garden {2010}

So from what I have heard this show is considered a classic when it comes to Korean dramas. It is at the top of the ratings and everyones must see lists so I was pretty excited to get into this one. I was ready to not sleep for 20 hours and become obsessed.

That did not happen. At all.

I think overall it took me over a month to finish this series because I just could not get into it. I was so ready to give up on it after around 4 or 5 episodes and prepare some passive aggressive comments of disappointment for future use. Fortunately my time was not in vain though because after around 5 episodes I started to get into it. 

Most of the time I was wondering when the actual body swap was going to happen. That is not a spoiler either since it is in every synopsis of this show known to mankind. When it did happen though (specifically the stuff in Jeju Island) I started to get more into it.

There is a body swapping in this show, but it does not happen as much as I was expecting. I really enjoyed when they changed bodies though and thought both actors did a fantastic job in their portrayal of each other. It was comedic and wonderfully put together and I would have like for them to stay that way for a while longer, but once it was over there was no dragging the story. The body changing made for a great way to play on emotion and comedy, ultimately making an incredibly engaging piece of television. 

The characters were probably my main problem with the show and maybe why I did not like it.At some points it seemed like the male lead, Joo Won, was everything wrong with a man. He was pushy and inconsiderate to his counter parts feelings. He openly insulted her and put her down making him an incredibly rude character. Any males reading this; you act the way he did to a girl and you will end up completely alone because were this not fiction he would probably be served with a restraining order. He kind of made me just: 
Despite this I was ultimately rooting for their end game once Gil Ra Im expressed her feelings towards him (before that I totally wanted her with the second male lead). It was not just Joo Won that got on my nerves though, it was Oska as well and everytime Joo Won's assistant came into the room I wanted to hit him with a frying pan. As it progressed though I warmed up to them and Gil Ra Im was totally capable of handling all of them herself. 

Ultimately I did enjoy this show but not as much, or as quickly as I would have liked. The series did not drag after a certain point like many shows so the plot was always progressing. There was great chemistry between actors and some good writing. I found too many flaws and annoyances to rate it higher though. I think this show it really based on personal taste and I do not have the patience to love this one.


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