Terminator: Genisys {2015}

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When I heard they were making yet another Terminator spin off/sequel I, like thousands of fans across the world, gave out a mournful cry. Not again! But then the cast started signing on. Jai Courtney was good in Spartacus and Emilia Clarke does not need explaining. Then Arnie signed on. If he was back then I was back. Even if it did not end up being a remotely good film I was going to see it just for the original Terminator to be back at the wheel. Boy was I not disappointed.

The plot follows the other side of things. The movie presents itself as an alternative viewpoint at first as the send Kyle back. In the original he just kind of pops up and we take his word for it. This time however something goes very wrong and the time line that he was meant to show up in no longer exists. Sarah Connor is not a waitress in 1984 but instead has had a decade head start ahead of Kyle- she knows everything about her fate and she is ready to kick its arse. When he shows up he has to adapt to this reality that is far different to what he was told to expect and things only get more complicated from there.

When I first saw the trailer I had my hesitations. The plot looked like it could easily become a mess of confusion and disappointment. I saw them using original footage from the first film with Arnie and I worried it would tie too much into the original to be ignored should it suck. Alas dear reader it was not the sucktacular spectre that was expected. As I watched 1980s Arnie fight present Arnie I felt the feels of fangirldom rise up in me. They played on the original rather than just remaking it. They did not just recycle the plot line but rather used it intricately to create a both nostalgic and brand new story. We got our favourite characters but in such a way that we got to experience them for the first time all over again without giving ourselves neck injuries from an intense eye roll.

I want to focus on the acting as well. Emilia Clarke was her usual amazing self. Jai Courtney was every man, woman, and inbetweens wet dream (complete with nakedness). I want to focus on Arnie though because God dammit that man has proven he can act in this movie. Now, he was good in the original (hell, he was iconic), but over the years he has not really been that great with his movies. In Terminator: Genisys he actually stole the show for me. He was funny but not in the over zealous way of Twins or Kindergarten Cop - he had a dry humour. His fighting stunts were just amazing. He is not a young as he was but that man can still own any action scene. Not only was his comedy and fighting great he also became a fantastic emotional device. Arnie seems to have grown into his acting over the years. He is calmer on screen and more at peace with what he is doing. This film really uses that to get some subtle emotion in there and therefore some heartbreaking character development. Arnie seems to have really grown as an actor - most obvious in his new film Maggie where his performance just blew me away- and they used it here.

They took a classic film that is adored by so many and instead of just trying to make it modern or create a replica they adapted it. The film makers played on the actors strengths whilst pushing them to the limit. In our theatre every audience member was on the edge of their seats. In my opinion the mixture of the original work (instead of just ignoring the good films *cough* Salvation *cough*) and the integration of modern devices made a strong film worthy of carrying the title Terminator.

The CGI is a little dodgy at times and the plot some times just has you like 'whut?' but this is a well thought out, action packed, emotion filled thrill ride where anything can happen. To me it was a fantastic and engaging sequel/ spin off of the original terminator and I am happy to dismiss every film that happened between the original film and this one. If you have hesitations about this film ignore them and go check it out! You will not be disappointed.


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