Review: Agent's of SHEILD Episode 1

Joss Whedon's new series aired a few days ago on British network 'Channel 4'. To be honest I watched it for Coulson because I wanted to make sure he definitely stayed alive.

This episode was penned by Whedon himself so I had high expectations for the pilot at least.

At first we are introduced to the new 'superhero' on the scene when a man saves a woman from a burning building. As this is after the battle of New York, people notice it and one even films it.

We are then introduced to the new agent in our lives, agent  Grant Ward, who seems to be a headstrong loner type. Bit too stereotypical for my taste but Coulson has hired him for a new task force, going against a group of hackers called Rising Tide. This seems to be the main premise for the rest of the series and it doesn't seem to be anything special.

Whedon's well placed humour can also be seen in this episode with the majority of it being given to Coulson and new character Skye. Skye does annoy me a little bit with her persistence. Their is also the amazing duo that is Fitz and Simmons. Fitz is a Scotty type man, even fitted with the accent, who works in engineering and Simmons is the British bio chem expert.

There are also a lot of hints that even Coulson doesn't really know what happened to him after he 'died'. In a scene with Agent Hill, Coulson recommends going to Tahiti but it seems that may not have been where he recovered. After an ominous "he really doesn't know does he?" from the doctor and a well timed "he can never know" from agent Hill my warning bells were going off. Looking forward to what will happen with that storyline.

Overall, I am not too attached to the new characters whilst references and appearances of familiar faces leave me with a happy feeling. Will continue to watch but if the new cast begin to overshadow Coulson and co then I will probably stop watching.Although I do just want to publicly approve of the casting of Ron Glass as Dr Streiten. Firefly feels became very apparent in that scene.

Rating  4/5


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