Review: Atlantis Series 1 Episode 1

Spoiler free review since I know that it hasn't sired yet outside the UK.

New fantasy drama, Atlantis, is the show that was made to fill the gap in our hearts after Merlin finished. Two of the creators also made Merlin and it is clear they intended for a similar type of show with even more mythology. When I first saw the trailer (link down below) I was torn. It did look similar to Merlin, which is a series I loved, but it also looked similar to Sky's Sinbad which I stopped watching due to its stupidity.

The series follows Jason, a man whose father goes missing in a submarine under the ocean. In an attempt to find his father, Jason goes down to the same place only to end up naked on a beach of the mythical city Atlantis.

When Jason is transported I  could not help but notice the beautiful score which has accompanied this new series. Hopefully, this series will continue to have a more ancient style music.

When Jason arrives in Atlantis, the shows creators have once again given a wide variety of characters. The main characters are each very different but work together extremely well. Within these characters there is interwoven Greek mythology and Greek history, for example the room mates Pythagoras, mathematician, and Hercules, mythical hero. These two are hilarious.

BBC seems to have caught on to the idea of a successful TV show needing to be a fandom, as the other day BBC One posted "Do you ship it? #Atlantis. There's a new Merthur in town... meet 'PYTHON'". I can say I am warming to it...

There are noticeable similarities to Merlin, including a Grecian pre-series 3 Morgana character in the king's daughter Ariadne and I think they attempted to find a ridiculously similar cave to Kilgharrah's lair for the labyrinth. Also, the  CGI is higher budget but still has that cheesy charm from before.

I have enjoyed this show but I feel like the plot is not going to develop too well and it will be too cliche. Who knows how this series will continue.

Rating: 3.7/5


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