Bad Grandpa Movie Review

WARNING: Minor spoilers will feature in this review. Don't say I didn't warn you.

This movie is created by the guys from Jackass with Johnny Knoxville playing Irving Zisman, an 86 year old man whose wife has just died. To top it off his daughter is going to jail and has left him the task of taking Billy, Irving's grandson, to stay with his father. As they take a trip across America to get Billy to his father, the unlikely pair get up to all kinds of trouble including driving into a giant penguin, taking part in a pageant and asking some delivery men to put a body in the trunk of Irving's car.

To make this film even better all of the reactions are real. Filmed almost entirely with hidden cameras to capture the shock and horror of some unsuspecting American citizens. All the stunts were also performed by Jackass stunt people so no one sees the stunt being set up or filmed leading to maximum hilarity at their reactions. I have never watched a Jackass film, have never got round to it. This has turned me though and I will try and get my hands on all of them as soon as possible.

The script for this is not the best in the word but that is the point. The purpose of this film is to have you crying with laughter as you watch some poor people try and help a man out of a vending machine after he gets his penis stuck in the hole. When you see the trailer it is clear that this movie's ideal is to be a slapstick comedy that weirds people out whilst making them laugh. It succeeded on those counts. There was an emotional moment when Irving cries, showing Knoxville's potential at serious acting. Then he knocks over a biker gang's motorcycles and it is over.

A large portion of this was Knoxville showing what perverts old men can be by hitting on every woman he can. This gets incredibly extreme as Irving attempts to get some love after his wife's death, even leading to a misunderstanding at ladies night.

It is obvious that the cast had stupid amounts of fun making this film. The one who enjoyed himself the most though is probably Jackson Nicholl. This kind has some serious balls to do some of the things he did. According to an interview with Knox, Nicholl worked for weeks to perfect his stripper routine. He is either one dedicated kid or is seriously messed up.

I know this review is quite short but there is not much I can say other than, if you are looking for a funny movie that doesn't try to hard, or need to, then check out Bad Grandpa.

Rating: 4/5


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