This is Jinsy

Sky Atlantic's comedy series, created by Justin Chubb and Chris Bran, returned last night for a double bill after two years hiatus. 

For those who are not familiar with the wild and eccentric world created by the stars of the show then you need to check your Sky demand for it. At first it is certain you will be confused and perhaps slightly disturbed by the show but like other odd comedies from Britain, it grows on you with its outlandishness. 

The show takes place on the fictional island of Jinsy, which it is ruled by the OCD 'Arbitur' (a kind of Prime Minister/ Pope love child) called Maven on behalf of 'The Great He'. 'This is Jinsy' follows Maven and his work force (pictured above) as they try and run the small island.

Along side these regulars are an array of the vibrant characters that are the citizens of Jinsy, including the obituary singers and feral accountants. These are often played by high end actors such as David Tennent, Catherine Tate, Simon Callow and this series new additions Stephen Fry, Ben Miller and Greg Davies. 
This  series has made up an entire society and system with many made up conventions. It is amazing how the writers come up with it all especially since the majority of it is borderline insane.

This week was no different as I found myself having to get used to this world full of odd conventions including electrocuting citizens in the "Punishment Roundup" but after a few songs I was hooked once again to this over the top bubble of weird. As they attempted to battle a dangerous hair monster and get their accounts done last night I was laughing at the overt stupidity that it is made of. 

If you like sketch comedies and sarcastic comedies this show is for you. It is  an incredibly well thought out show that both confuses and entertains you at the same time.

 If you haven't watched it, check out the trailer for the first series below and give it a go.


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