Frozen {2013}

Tonight I went to go see Disney's new animated feature Frozen which follows Princess Anna try and stop the harsh winter that is threatening her lands. I took my nieces and we had a really epic night watching this film. Disney has once again created an amazing retelling of a classic story and made it complex yet simple so that all ages can enjoy it.

Even before the movie properly starts we are introduced to the score/soundtrack which gives you goosebumps. The music is like a mixture of Brave, Tangled and Lion King which made an amazing soundtrack with songs that were stuck in my head as I drove home.

The main character Anna was a really refreshing princess and was like no other Disney girl. She was awkward, clumsy, talked to paintings and got excited over everything. This meant that she did not handle well in the world outside her castle which had been shut off from the world for about 10 years. She was hilarious and quirky but still had some serious moments which voice actor Kristen Bell did amazingly. 

Being shut out from the rest of the world with even her sister having to stay away without a reason, Anna grows lonely. When her sister's coronation day comes around though she kind of bursts. At the ceremony we meet evil ruler of a place always mistakenly called "Weasel Town" and dreamy prince Hans. Disney seems to question its whole philosophy here though when Anna wishes to marry the perfect prince after knowing him a day, something that has happened more than once in a Disney film, and is refused. This is the kind of message that was important to show kids because usually it screams "marry the first guy you meet".

There is also an array of characters that both incorporate what we expect from Disney and alter it such as the Reindeer, Sven, who doesn't talk but instead is interpreted by owner Kristoff. Also my personal favourite character Olaf the snowman. He was constantly making me laugh out loud as well as tugging on my heart strings a little bit.

Wonderful cast with epic songs and relatable main character. The perfect movie to start Christmas with whether you are an adult or a kid, and even when it is not freezing cold and seasonal, I think this movie will definitely be a family favourite from now on.


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